Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missed Opportunities

Published in Burmese and English in Thailand in 1993, hopefully this document has finally been translated to Thai.
(direct link to pdf)

Kudos to Gene Sharp and The Albert Einstein Institution.

UPDATE: Reader John Francis Lee has pointed out that The Albert Einstein Institution has a Thai page with 2 publications currently available in thai language.



Nathan Hale said...

The Pixies rock!

Hobby said...

Agree - one of the best bands ever!
(Hard to believe Mrs John Murphy turns 50 this year:)

john francis lee said...

Gene Sharp and the Albert Einstein Institute have many good publications in many languages.

Occasionally you will see charges of a connection between Gene Sharp and the CIA. I tried to follow them up... all I could find was that the CIA has in fact used some of the Gene Sharp's publications in fomenting its own 'color' revolutions world wide.

The publications speak for themselves at any rate. Gene Sharp takes non-violence seriously.

john francis lee said...

In fact the Thai page at the AEinstitute lists just two titles :

Against the Coup: Fundamentals of Effective Defense - Thai, and
Power and Nonviolent Strategy - Thai.

Both are scanned copies, neither is a transliteration. And the second is abridged. But the price is right on both.

Champs said...

really the rare one.....

pixies rocks

Cheers :)
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Anonymous said...

Only if John Francis Lee REALLY researched Gene Sharp - or even so much as went to his official Albert Einstein Institute website and checked their annual report - he would see it is funded by corporate-funded-foundations all whom have ties directly to the US government, George Soros, and ALLLLLLLLLL the very same people the CIA uses to execute their various color revolutions. So "kudos" to Gene Sharp is really just saying, Kudos to corporate fascism and their stormtroopers in the CIA.

For example,the AEI was SPECIFICALLY sponsored in Burma by National Endowment for Democracy's IRI subsidiary - chaired by neo-con warmongering, corporate fascist & traitor to the American people, John McCain.

Then you have their work in Tibet on behalf of the Dali Lama - admitted to being backed by the CIA - by the CIA itself!

Right there in their annual report too - NOT a conspiracy theory!


Hobby - please do the research if you are really interested in the truth - if only not to make a fool of yourself.

-Tony Cartalucci

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be a conspiracy theorist by lacing together associated organisations into some sort of plot but the truth is that Gene Sharp is a very poorly funded writer of books that people all over the world have found useful in nonviolent stuggle. If he was funded by the CIA do you think he might at least have an office and not have to work out of the ground floor of his house.

But more importantly your accusation that the US can just forment revolution anywhere it wants is fundamentally racist. The CIA/NED/Freedom House can't put a million people on the streets of Cairo or Serbia, that's just rubbish. They did it themselves and if Gene Sharp's books help them organise a nonviolent movement more effectively then good for them and him.

hobby said...

I'll leave it up to readers to decide whether Gene Sharp's work has value (and also who makes a fool of themselves:)