Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why this blog is inactive

I was previously a very regular commentator at New Mandala and Bangkok Pundit (as Hobby) from 2007 to about Sept 2008, but lately have been trying to hold back on commentating on Thai politics because I am not Thai, and I think the current problems need to be solved by Thai's, not foreigners.

(also I do not live in Thailand and think it better to leave the commentating to those who are more directly affected).

I mainly set up this blog to keep track of some of the better posts I saw on those other blogs, then I started to try to offer solutions to the crisis, but now I try not to comment on Thai politics (as outlined above) - so this blog is unlikely to be very active.

I would recommend all people interested in Thai politics to read Paul Handley's 'The King Never Smiles' for background, together with the works of Pasuk & Baker, and Duncan McCargo, on Thaksin.