Thursday, February 26, 2009

Giles at Oxford

Audio has been posted of the recent event at Oxford

Question time was quite interesting, and I admire Giles for the way he calls a spade a spade, and refuses to hitch on to the coattails of the elite of either side.

Quite funny (and sad) to see that the brainwashed were not too shy to have their say - listening to them makes me wonder if some even believe the King is not human, and instead some sort of semi-God who can never make mistakes - they need to listen again to his 2005 speech.

Reading all these political blogs can be depressing, so it was nice the way Giles described some good things about Thai culture, particularly the way children and the elderly are treated, and that there is actually not one thai culture - it is made up of many groups, including democracy defenders.

I would be very interested to hear other good things about Thai culture.
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