Thursday, September 4, 2008

Will a Referendum solve the crisis?

Bangkok Post is reporting it's now only one question:

Do you want the government to continue in office?

(Minister of Culture Somsak Kiatsuranond briefed the media on the proposal after the special cabinet meeting)

I wonder if that question solves anything?
(PPP & coalition are already elected, so really it's just more of the same)

If they really wanted to get a solution, and really wanted to give the PAD no choice but to go home, why not ask these further questions (in addition to the one above):

1. Do you want the government to continue in office? Y or N

2. Do you think the constitution should be amended? Y or N

3. After the constitition amendments have been proposed by the parliament, do you think they should also be put to a referendum of the people? Y or N

4. Is 1 person = 1 vote the best form of democracy for Thailand?
Y or N

5. Do you prefer:
A: first past the post
B: proportional representation

as the voting system for Thailand?

Bring all these things into the open, let the people have a say, and let the parliament act on the peoples wishes.
And let the government govern.