Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why focus on only Thaksin?

I am often accused of focusing on only Thaksin, and ignoring all other possible corrupt practices.

This is what I posted in response to criticism of my latest foray into commenting over at New Mandala and why I ignore suspicions regarding Surayud and Jaravan:

"I do not know enough about the issues to comment, however would not be surprised if many prominent Thai establishment figures had engaged in corruption.

If there is evidence, by all means press for investigation & prosecution of Surayud, Jaruvan and anyone else reasonably suspected of corruption - I commend your efforts.

However, that is not why I choose to devote time to this hobby of commenting on these blogs.

Whether enough evidence is available to prosecute Thaksin, and whether or not he is not the only suspect character in Thai politics is rather besides the point of my arguments - I focus my attention on Thaksin because he is the person that commands significant electoral support, and also has many ardent supporters on these blogs.

Irrespective of whether he can be convicted on any more substantial charges, it is my opinion that there is enough evidence that (an unchanged) Thaksin is not suitable to be PM.
His authoritarian, heavy handed tactics, manipulation and intimidation, tax havens for tax avoidance (if not strictly evasion), mixing government and family business, his various comments when facing valid criticisms, and worse of all the conduct of the drug war and general lack of remorse are the reasons why I consider he is not suitable PM material - he had his time and has done some good along with the bad, but it is my opinion that his days of leading the country should be consigned to history.

If Abhisit, or any of his fellow politicians do similar things, and are ardently supported by the majority of posters here, then rest assured, I will switch the focus of my forays onto this and other Thai blogs - As far as I can see, that time has not yet come.

Democracy lovers, including pro-Thaksinites here, might think that I am just a PAD stooge, but in reality I have never had much time for Sondhi
Hopefully long term readers can recognise that my thoughts have also evolved slightly over the last 2 years, even though I maintain my anti-Thaksin slant, and the hope that the electoral masses will eventually become more discerning."

I look forward to the time we can all move past Thaksin, and turn our attention to other matters.

As for the man himself, I think he should try to reach a settlement and swear off politics, show some remorse for certain events, get on with living his life as a very wealthy man, who will go down in history as contributing to changing Thailand for the better.