Friday, November 13, 2009

On Thainess & uniqueness

The following appeared as a comment by N G to the Timesonline 'Siamese Spat' editorial:

"Certain circumstances are hard to believe seeing what has been going on from outside. Open discussion about anything seems acceptable in western cultures. But it may be the unfamiliar practice where act of restraint is advised to lessen the heat of certain situations. Different level of comprehension of the situation results in heated debate over the issue.

Sure, there are people who exploit and manipulate the law which exists to keep things in order but do think about different settings of the society. Every measures have pros and cons and are not applicable anywhere. There is uniqueness in every single one of us.

When overwhelmed means of exchanging ideas are prevalent, certain standard of practice over time may need to be changed. But let's not expect the change to take place basing on value and belief of those who find it difficult to understand seem-to-be unreasonable practice, who are brought up in a total different world.

Whether or not a country is up to ridicule or not, a need for discussion about the system may be required or not, lies in the eye of the beholder who obviously tends to have different appreciation level.

Human beings know very little about the world and the universe. Some people dare to claim that he knows it all, he is better, or he is even more civilised. Take a deep breath and see to it if one could learn to appreciate the differences and see from a different perspective with a different ground approaching the issue. The beauty is not what we see as stereotype but what we see with a fair mind without being judgmental."

But isn't that the crux of the Thai political problems?

- A group of people ('elites':), who think they know it all, are stifling (crushing) anyone who sees things differently than them.
There is nothing fair minded and non judgmental about the way the LM laws, the Computer Crimes Act or the Internal Security Act are imposed.

Silence = Acquiescence ???

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