Saturday, April 4, 2009

Above politics, and without compassion???

We all know the mantra:
- Constitutional monarchy should not (and does not) interfere in political matters.

That’s very commendable, and they are correct to leave politics to the politicians and the people who elect them.

However, here’s something to ponder:

Does the inaction (silence) by the monarchy, whilst people are being jailed in their name, actually amount to a political act?

In my view, continued silence whilst a Thai citizen is jailed for 10 years for distributing photos about them (reduced from 20 years because he pleaded guilty!) must surely put a nail in the coffin of any argument that the Thai monarchy is benevolent and above politics.

I don’t know what the photos were, but the only way I can see that the distribution of them would warrant a 10 or 20 year jail sentence would be if they involved child pornography or paedophilia – surely no one is suggesting the monarchy would be involved in such matters!
Suwicha Thakor is not the only person facing lengthy jail sentences for allegedly offending the monarchy – here’s a list from PPT.

If they continue to remain silent about these injustices, it could be argued that it is the monarchy who is offending all those who believe in their great institution.

PS. I wonder how many years jail this blog post deserves?

UPDATE: The other conclusion that could be reached is that the monarchy are powerless, helpless, captives unable to do anything about the injustices being committed in their names.
Which is the actuality is unknown, and the reality could even be some where in between both extremes???
It reminds me a bit of why I don't believe in the christian God - if 'he' really did exist then 'he' would have to be one sick bastard to allow some of the shit that happens in this world.