Saturday, July 11, 2009

Too 'hot' for Bangkok Post and Prachatai

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation, or whether there even was an such an article in "Deum Ampil", but as it has now disappeared from the Bangkok Post forums, I'm saving it here for posterity, and a bit of a laugh :)

Thailand Suffers Massive Loss of Face at UNESCO Meeting

by Domrei on Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:32 pm

A high-ranking Cambodian government official source told “Deum Ampil” on 23 June 2009 that the UNESCO World Heritage committee has decided to reject the request made by Thailand’s prime minister who attempted to obtain a joint listing of Preah Vihear temple between Cambodia and Thailand.
This rejection by UNESCO brings a loss of face to the Thai government, and especially Thailand’s PM who came to power through a constitutional coup with the help of Thailand’s royaaal palaaace and a group of Thai generals.

This loss of face clearly points to the serious defeat of Thailand’s ministry of Natural Resources and Environment which was tasked by Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand’s PM, to take this issue to the 33rd meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage committee in Seville, Spain. Thailand wanted to obtain a review of the listing of Cambodia’s Preah Vihear temple as a World Heritage site.

The current defeat brings up Thailand’s shameless ambition to the world’s attention, and it also shows Thailand’s attempt to violate Cambodian’s sovereignty and Cambodia’s Preah Vihear temple.

According to report from Bangkok on Tuesday, Thai deputy-PM Suthep Thaugsuban indicated that he will perform an official visit to Cambodia on Saturday to confirm to Hun Sen about Bangkok’s opposition stance to the listing of Preah Vihear temple.Suthep said that “he and Thailand’s defense minister, General Pravit Wongsuwan, will visit Cambodia to meet with Hun Sen to explain to the latter and to clear up a number of misunderstandings about Preah Vihear temple between the two countries.”

Even though Suthep confirmed his trip to Cambodia this Saturday, Kuy Kuong, the spokesman of Cambodia’s ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicated that up to now, his ministry did not receive any diplomatic communiqué from Thailand about this trip yet. He added: “Up to now, we received information indicating the official visit of Thailand’s deputy-PM and its minister of defense to Cambodia, but as of Tuesday, the Cambodian embassy has not received an official communiqué about this trip yet, and neither does the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok.”Suthep added: “Thailand and Cambodia shared the goal of avoiding continued border dispute in Preah Vihear area, and the current dispute is not between Thailand and Cambodia, but rather between Thailand the UNESCO World Heritage committee.”

Suthep added that he hopes to be able to get Bangkok’s point across to Hun Sen.Information about Suthep’s visit to Cambodia under the order of Abhisit was reported following Hun Sen’s sharp reaction to the issue raised by the unlawful leaders of Thailand, including Abhisit, Thailand’s bitter (“Phler Lvea”) PM, and Kasit Piromya, the rude Thai Foreign Affairs minister with a big liver (“Thloeum Thom”), who dare ask UNESCO to review the listing of Preah Vihear temple and a joint listing of this temple.

This issue is raised by dumb-like persons, as if they were ghosts who lead a country with a population of 7 million. This is why Samdach Akok Moha Sena Bat Dey Dek Cho Hun Sen, the intelligent prime minister who is full of wisdom, expressed his strong regret about the issue raised by these retarded people.

Hun Sen told reporters at the ministry of Foreign Affairs: “I believe that these are his words as the PM of a country that disturbs the sovereignty of another country, and I regret his comments and his desire (Thai PM). During his visit to Cambodia, he did not raise this issue with me, but I believe that his goal will not be successful.”

For more of the Cambodian perspective I recommend the Khmerization blog as a good source.