Monday, November 23, 2009

Loose Lips, Spin, Double Standards & Aliens

Looks like things are heating up with protests & rallies being planned by both the 'reds' and 'yellows' over the next few weeks.
UPDATE: Reds have postponed their Nov 28 to Dec 3 protest rally, Abhisit is not going to Chiang Mai this week.............. the stalemate continues.

PM Abhisit is heading to Chiang Mai next week, and after the clear anti-red spin that was evident in the mainstream media from Korn's trip to Chiang Mai in July, I'm keeping an open mind about the Chiang Mai community radio host who allegedly mentioned on air that Abhisit could be assassinated if he comes to Thailand (although it was clearly a dumb thing to do)

What does concern me is that it seems the groundwork is being laid for some sort of violent confrontation over coming weeks.
Apart from the loose lips of radio host and a leader of the Chiang Mai Loving 51 Group, Phetchawat Wattanpongsirikul, we also have the following warning signs:
- Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban in charge of security affairs, warning that non thai's ('aliens') have no rights to protest, and the government again proposing the imposition of the Internal Secutity Act against the UDD/reds
- PAD leaders referring to non humans and the need for 'traitors' to be 'finished off'
- the intransigence, vitriol & hatred being exhibited on the various political forums, blogs & newspapers also seem to be ramping up to a new level.

It is becoming increasingly important that independent observers/witnesses are at all the upcoming protests & rallies, so that unscrupulous players and irresponsible media cannot spin things to suit their own needs while seeking the ultimate end game quick victory.

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