Monday, November 19, 2007

Fonzi (Tosakan) on Thaksin & Samak

In addition to Vichai's comments on Thaksin's drug war, I have found another blog comment worth saving here for posterity.

The following comment was posted by Fonzi on his Thailand Jumped the Shark blog:

"I have been on the record many times about Thaksin:

1. Didn't think the CC should have let him in 2001 with the assets concealment case.

2. Never supported him, never voted for him, don't even know anybody who voted for him or supported him in my personal life. So when you say, Thaksin bought me off, I laugh, because I don't even know anybody affiliated with Thaksin. No Thaksin supporter has ever contacted me privately concerning this blog to share comments or offer gratitude or offer money.

3. I have said Thaksin should have resigned last year. Actually, I thought he did resign, but he made a come back after the king's celebrations.

4. I think he should have paid taxes on the Shin sale and thought he was wrong to do his dodgy deal in the Cayman Islands.

5. His wife shouldn't have been buying land while he was PM. His lawyer shouldn't have been buying hospitals for him while he was PM.
Is that a coupable offense? No.

6. The thought of the dynamic duo of Samak and Chalerm coming into power makes me want to throw up."

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