Monday, January 26, 2009

Abhisit the Monster - a creation of whom, or what?

khikwai has an excellent blog on The Abhisit Tragedy
Bangkok Pundit is also taking the opportunity to run strongly on similar themes.

I agree Abhisit's handing of the Rohingyan refugee treatment issue has been very disappointing (to put it mildly).

From where I sit, the way Abhisit has handled Rohingya matter looks very much like how a certain popular predecessor would have acted, so I wonder can Abhisit's action all be put down to him being a captive of his military masters, or are other factors also at play?

I doubt Abhisit's Eton/Oxford education is one such factor, nor is the Democrat Party ideology such a factor, but could Abhisit (in a misguided way) be giving the thai people what he thinks they want?

Has Abhisit, the politician, 'learned' something from the way Thaksin retained immense popularity after brushing aside many human rights abuse controversies (which were mainly raised and championed by foreign media and organisations)?

Whatever Abhisit does, he will be criticized.
Some will criticize because they are on the opposing side of the fence politically/ideologically - that's to be expected, and should be taken in his stride as it's just what oppositions do to try to remain relevant.
Others will never be able to accept how he came to power, as it does not fit within their notion of 'democracy' - that too is understandable, but is easily deflected in the context of thai political practices.
Many criticize him for failing to punish the PAD leaders - IMO, it's not up to him to do such things as politicians should not interfere with the legal processes - all Abhisit can reasonably be expected to do is request that the legal authorities pursue the cases expediently, without fear or favour.

My biggest criticism of Abhisit is that he is taking away hope.

Kasit as Foreign Minister, the website crackdown, and the Rohingya refugee issues are glaring examples that Thailand has another leader who puts vested interests before simply doing the right thing.

Shame on you Abhisit for taking away hope that a Thaksin, Samak, Somchai is not as good as it gets.

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