Saturday, August 15, 2009

Red News spot on

Thanks to for reproducing this gem from the Northern Post Red news:
English editorial in the 8th August edition:
"The next major pro-democracy event is the 'petition' -- this action -- can be expected to be diminished by anti-democratic elements according to the Red Shirts.
They foresee that what will appear to be wise and formal processes, will seek to pre-emptively discredit the petition. This will create a face-saving cover for those who seek to criticize this populist initiative, according to the pro-democracy Red Shirts. They claim that several handpicked, sympathetic professors at Chulalongkorn University, along with some like minded politicians will discredit the petition. They will issue a 'solemn declaration' dismissing the petition along with the wishes of over a million signatories. You will read this column after the event. It is to be seen if this scenario comes to fruition."

Well we have already seen the political/military attempts to discredit the petition, including creating their own anti-petition petition, then just as the Thaksin petition is due to be submitted (on Monday 17th August), right on cue on Friday 14th August we get this: 5,000 Chula academics against Thaksin petition and 29 permanent-secretary-level officials agianst Thaksin petition

Did the 'pro-democracy' Reds have inside information, or are the 'anti-democracy' elements just very predictible?

PS. I also wonder does the farang writer of the Red News editorial also write for Socialist Worker or Green Left Weekly, as the writing style somehow seems familiar:)

I'm as uncomfortable about Thaksin as I am about Chavez - to me, they both have a shiny and a 'not so shiny' side.

Guess Who? Which colored shirt leader said this?

"The Democrat Party, the country's oldest political party, gave rise to the dominance of amart, nobles or bureaucrats, and its founders created the party only to protect their interests, he said.

Throughout its 63-year history, the Democrat Party had failed to build a wider base of supporters beyond those who shared the party's founding principles, he said".

The answer is here.

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