Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Waiting

The holding pattern continues and nothing much to blog about as its all been done before - I'm so bored with the political maneuverings and am just waiting for the next 'big' event that provides some spark to the situation.

Thaksin, Abhisit, Sondhi etc etc- boring!
Now we have blasts from the past Chavalit and Chuan to add to the mix - here's a good overview by Thitinan.

Great blog and comments in this thread over at Absolutely Bangkok
I wish I had the intelligence & motivation to create such blog posts - thanks to Bangkok Dan, and all the other contributors, especially Jaded, who has taken the effort to put in writing a great outline of things, and it explains why I still keep reaching the same old conclusion - situation hopeless!
(but us farang are lucky - we can leave anytime we like - it's the Thai's who are victims of the mess, but have no hope of change, or escape, they are the ones that I really feel for)

About the 3G debacle: Personally I could not care less about accessing the internet via my phone and all the other tricks offered which IMO are a trap for the gullible - I have a 3G phone, but its still just a phone to me:) , however if it improves internet speeds in Thailand then I say 'bring it on'.

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