Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hobby sees Red

I'm starting to wonder if idealism & common sense have any place in Thailand?

It saddens me, but I now think the way foreigners have to 'lower the bar' and accept everyday things in Thailand (like most Thai's do, or have had to), also extends to politics & democracy in Thailand.

I hope it does not come as a shock to my vast readership, but I am close to the realization that my 'song mai ow' stance is just too idealistic for Thailand (I know - I'm a slow learner!)

I have had to learn to accept the water running in the wrong direction in the bathroom floor of my Thai holiday accommodation, in which the rooms also have no on/off switches on the powerpoints which put out a visible spark every time an appliance is plugged in.

I also have had to learn to live with the soi dogs roaming amongst the tables and in the kitchen of the local outdoor restaurant, which is also right next door to a mechanical workshop with associated noise & pollution, not to mention the local boy racers blowing exhaust fumes into the restaurant to 'enhance' my dining experience.

Like I have had to learn to accept those, and many other things in Thailand that simply would not be tolerated where I come from, I now think I have to accept that joining the Reds, and 'holding my nose' regarding Thaksin is probably as good as it gets in relation to the Thai political situation.

I dont like the way she said it, nor the tone of her voice (which hurts my ears:), but I basically agree with "Da Torpedo".
I also think if the repression continues there will be more like her, as there is only so much pressure a pressure cooker can take before some steam has to be let off.
I fear in future it will not just be hateful words.

Those in 'power' have had plenty of time to change, but rather than heed the warnings they continue to turn the screws tighter - like Thaksin refused to moderate his excesses, the old guard are doing the same, and it is easy to understand why otherwise smart people like "Da Torpedo" do such brave(dumb) things, when there is no sign of any concession after years of struggle.

The old guard will deserve their fate when the inevitable happens, but does Da Torpedo deserve hers?

btw, Before I fully sign up as a Red, I'd like to know if I will still be able to criticize Thaksin, or am I being too idealistic again?