Monday, May 31, 2010

Knowledge is Power

Why are these very well educated, articulate, seemingly reasonable and 'harmless' Thai people in detention, jailed or exiled?

- Suthachai Yimpresert - several days detention at army base, finally released after going on a hunger strike

- Jakrapob Penkair - charged with LM, in exile

- Giles Ji Ungpakorn - charged with LM, in exile

- Darunee Charnchoensilpakul (also known as Da Torpedo) - 18 years jail after a closed trial

What have they said or done that necessitates such draconian government measures against them?



Leosia said...

They expressed their opinions - and opinions are not welcome in Thailand.

hobby said...

btw, Are you still blogging?
(I dropped your from my blog list a while ago because I thought you were too critical of the thai people, instead of the system that has made them so)
I now cannot find your blog at all.