Saturday, January 8, 2011

Google/Blogger - it gives me the shits!

The following comment was posted by John Francis Lee, but I have not been able to get it to appear as a comment in this thread, so here it is:

Trust a publicly owned corporation? Surely you're joking.

If we are going to rely on Google ngrams, or anything else 'it' puts forth, we need to investigate the sources of 'its' data and the type of massage it's been given.

Google projects the image of a peer-reviewed, academic-style operation as regards its visible product. That's Stanford's speciality. So their ngram data probably holds up, with the appropriate qualifications... although I have not investigated it in depth. Not in shallow, even.

It's the invisible data collection and massage... behind the scenes... that is the problem.

Henry Miller used to refer to AT&T for which he worked in New York as the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company.

The Cosmodemonic Googleplex

Fittingly, there is a hapless soul pounding away about Henry Miller and the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company right here, at the Cosmodemonic Googleplex...

... at, which uses the Googleplex's, black-box, proprietary software webserver, which now serves about a fifth to a quarter of all the pages on the internet, the same opaque software that is watching me type this posting, and which 'inexplicably' disallows some posts... right here at The Cosmodemonic Googleplex.