Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thailand Lucky

It's time for an upbeat comment, so I'm looking on the bright side, and here's my spin on things:

- The uprising of the downtrodden in Thailand was inevitable

- The Thaksin phenomenon has helped bring it on (again he is the accidental democrat!)

- Thailand is very fortunate to have Abhisit as the PM during these times, because his handling of such an uprising is likely to be much more delicate than how most (if not all) of his predecessors would have handled it

- The military appear to finally be acting in a competent manner
(time will tell just how competent they have been in either avoiding or covering up injuries & fatalities!)

- Slowly, peoples eyes are being opened (on both sides of the conflict) and eventually they will be able to see through the Newin, Prem & Thaksin's of this world

My thoughts are with all in Thailand at this time, and especially those reds genuinely protesting for a better & fairer Thailand, the soldiers genuinely trying to do their job, and those yellows and others who genuinely want less corruption, and more checks and balances.

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