Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hiatus ended

I think it's clear now which way the current junta is going to proceed, so I'm re-opening my blog.

Might not blog for a little while as right now the situation seems so hopeless that I cannot come up with anything constructive.

Please check out the links listed on the left - those bloggers are doing a great job.

My feeling that the situation is hopeless stems from watching the 'reconciliation' actions of the current 'government' since they came to power.
Reading the various comments from many in the so called 'educated' class over the last few weeks, and observing the massive propaganda campaign currently underway within (and outside) Thailand has only reinforced my view that the end of the turmoil is nowhere in sight.

The brainwashed, and those with vested interests, have an unfair advantage over the rational & liberal voices in Thailand due to the LM laws and the Computer Crimes Act.
Such laws have forced some otherwise reasonable people to go 'underground' instead of being accepted into the system so that their talents can be utilized to help remake the Thai' system' of double standards into a fair, just and democratic society.

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