Monday, May 17, 2010

Checkmate or Stalemate?

Unfortunately PAD/yellows set the precedent of how to overthrow a government (aided & abetted by the usual players, and you know who)

Compare how Thaksin (a legitimately elected PM) dealt with protests against his premiership, to the way Abhisit is KILLING just to AVOID an election.

It's a stalemate:
Reds won't go home till Abhisit sets an early election, and Abhisit won't even talk until red's go home.

The two choices are:

1. Red's go home --> but they have no guarantee from Abhisit (and unfortunately his word cannot be trusted anyway - just look at what he said and did as opposition leader, how he became PM, and how he talked of reconciliation but did the exact opposite)


2. Abhisit dissolves parliament --> the red's go home immediately - no if's or but's.

The solution to ending the violence seems clear.
(violence which, by the way, seems very one-sided - why is that?)

Unfortunately Abhisit's killing spree has made things so much worse, which probably suits those backing him, as they don't much like elections anyway.
(free & fair elections especially are the thing they must avoid at all costs, being the only weak point in their hegemony of Thailand)

A few extra questions:

- What is the 'glue' that holds the current coalition in place?
(when previous stronger looking coalition governments have collapsed under much less pressure than this latest killing spree of redshirts)
What powerful figures are keeping things together, and how?

- What has Newin Chidchob been up to lately?
(remember the 'blue shirts' involvement during the April 2009 uprising?)

- Is the 'revered' institution happy to stand aside and see so many Thai get killed?
(possibly they have been influenced by Prem's strong recommendation for all to read a certain article by Chirmsak Pinthong last December?)

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